Help for Parents

Your privacy is important to us. We safeguard your information with both technical and administrative measures. Please read Privacy Policy for more information.

If you are still not comfortable to store your family member’s information, you can remove it through My Family page.
It is usually not necessary to double confirm with the provider after you made your registration. Our online platform allows the transparency between provider and user like you. When a program is make available, the selections you make will let the provider know exactly which class or camp your family member will be in.

In rare situation when the information provided is not straightforward, you may want to talk to your provider to get clarification before you make a registration.
The security of your information is important to us. Lollicamp uses Stripe, a reputable third party payment company to provide our payment solutions. Your payment information will not be stored in Lollicamp, but directly handled by our third-party payment company. You can go to for more information.
Your credit card information will directly be handled by Stripe, a reputable third party payment company to provide our payment solutions. Lollicamp will not save your credit card information other than the last four digits to display on statements.
Sometimes a program provider may require additional information to finalize the registration. Such requirement is available through your registration statement. You can download blank forms if required by a provider, and upload required form through the same place, before the due date.
You may be able to cancel your registration through Lollicamp.

To know if you can cancel a registration, click on the order number on the related registration statement via My Registration page. If cancellation is available, you will see a cancel button/link next the registration number.

Your ability to make cancellation through us also depends on among other things, whether there is any disputes and whether we have transfer your payment to the provider.

When you cancel your registration, you are always subject to the Cancellation and Refund Policy set by the Provider in the listing, as available when you made your registration.
It is best for you to make changes through the provider.

As an alternative, you can always handle your change by either cancelling your existing registration, making new registration, or a combination or both, subject to cancellation policy. You will not be able to make direct changes on your existing registration.
You can cancel your order by cancelling registrations in your order one by one.
If you make cancellation through Lollicamp, we will send the refund, calculated based on the Cancellation and Refund policy, to the credit card you used for registration when the cancellation is made successfully.
If you have any account balance, please contact us for either refund or credit.

You may have to wait until the activity has occurred or cancellation of the entire order before we can process your refund or credit.
If the class and camp in which you have registration is completed, you will be able to leave a review through the link on your registration statement on My Registration page.
When you signed up for an Lollicamp account, you are by default opt in for our marketing messages. You can always opt out by going to My Account page.

You will always be able to receive important notice that is related to your registration.

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