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After you send us your basic information, we will let you know within 24-48 hours that your account registration is complete. As we work with professional program providers, we will make sure it is such community you will get into.

In some cases, we may get in touch with you for more questions.
Whether your program should be a listing or a session is a consideration based on multiple factors including marketing need, program types, or customer experience etc.

Generally speaking, a listing is for a different type of program. And a session is for a distinctive period of time (so as pricing). For example, if you run a dance studio, you may have different listings for different types of dance (ballet, jazz, etc.), but can have sessions for winter vs. spring.

You always want to give choices for your customer that are clear and no more than necessary.
Our listing creation process are step-by-step and straightforward. If you have question on a particular field, you can always get help from the help tip associated with that field. If you still have difficulty, you can always reach us on the phone listed in the support section.
You only need to provide some essential information to create a listing. If you need to fill out other information, you can choose to add more information or session at the end of the listing creation process. You can also access different areas of listing detail through My Listing after you have created a listing.
There should be very little confusion on the name of class vs. camp as program type. From technical perspective in Lollicamp, a class can have variable starting time but fixed duration, and a camp can have variable duration expressed in session hours with both start time and end time.
Once a program type is selected for a listing, all sessions under the listing will be the same program. In other words, you can’t create different sessions for different program types under the same listing. You should create different listing for different program types (class vs. camp).
The Terms and/or Waiver will be checked for acknowledgement by your customers electronically when they make payment. They will not be able to make payment without manually acknowledge such agreement.
All age groups under the same session will be in the same class if the registration is for the same class or camp. If you want to have different class/camp for different age group, you should set up different sessions for them.
After you deactivated a session or unlist a listing, new registration will not be possible. But existing registration will not be impacted.
The security of your information is important to us. Lollicamp uses Stripe, a reputable third party payment company to provide our direct deposit payout service. You can go to for more information.
Your payout will occur based on the payout schedule. The actual time for you to receive your payment will also depend on the processing time by our reputable third-party payment solution provider, Stripe, and also the processing time of your bank. If you are not aware of your payout schedule, you can contact us.
Once your account is created, your payout schedule will be created. Unless you have supplement agreement with Lollicamp, the default payout schedule will be used. As a program provider, you can’t change the payout schedule.
A chargeback happens when a customer dispute charges on his/her credit card. You are responsible for chargebacks and related fees. A chargeback order reduces your upcoming payout amount. You should provide supporting evidence in time per the notice on your dashboard and notification we send to you.
Please provide supporting evidence before due date, and in the meantime get in touch with the customer to resolve the issue through their credit card company.
Any review in Lollicamp is backed with an order. In other word, only user who has made registration and joined your class/camp can leave a review.

As a provider, you can’t change the content of a review given by your customer. You can however post a reply to the review.

You can always post a reply to a review on your listing. You can express your thanks for the praise you received, or you can give some clarification to an issue commented by your customer. Please remember that we should always work to build a better and trusted community.

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